Sunday, December 7, 2008

No update in awhile

Wow! I cannot believe it has been about a month and a half since I last posted here! We have since had the election and as I expected, America let me down. America has a majority of stupid people. I don't say that lightly. Assume you have 350 million people in the country. Let's say 150 million are kids and the infirmed. That means we have about 200 million people who could vote if registered. In this election it was about 63-57 million votes for Obama - McCain. Add that up and you get 120 million people. 80 million never even voted. So, we have 63 million dumb enough to vote for Obama and 80 million who did not care period! So, we have about 143 milion stupid americans out of 200 million. In percentages, that is 71.5% of Americans who are stupid. To make it easy, that is 7 out of 10 people are stupid in this country. So, if you know 9 other people and you are smart, only 2 others that you know are smart and the other 7 are stupid! How does that fit?

Maybe you are one of the stupid? That means that 6 of the 9 you know are also stupid statistically speaking! Where do you fall at on this spectrum? I hope this illegal alien is discovered quickly and we can correct the mistake of the stupid in my country. If you fail to recall this lesson, please, forget to vote forever, or leave and go where communism/socialism thrives. That is a dose of reality that many cannot handle, but it is the truth as many of you did this to my country and it is absolute treason. I stand ready to discuss. Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One week to go

Wow! Can you believe it? We have one week until the election. This is one of the most important elections in my life and I'm not young! I have been studying Barack Obama and you talk about a boat load of problems!

This guy is a Socialist with Marxist leanings. So many pieces of evidence have come out to prove that. Two are his statements to Joe the plumber about spreading the wealth around and the tape that came out yesterday from 2001 where he talks about redistribution of wealth and he hints ever so slightly at reparations.

He may not even be a US citizen. There is a lawsuit ongoing that says he was born in Kenya Africa. His mother certainly took him to Indonesia when he was 6 and signed him up for school which made him a citizen. You see, they do not accept dual citizenship in that country and in order to go to school there, you must be a citizen of their country. I understand that Obama would need to have reclaimed his citizenship (if ever he had it) between the ages of 19-21 and he never did that.

Article two, section one of the Constitution says to be a President, you must be natural born and be a citizen. If he is an Indonesian citizen, he cannot even be in this couintry except illegally. He could not even be a senator. Is he the manchurian candidate?

Someone released a certification of live birth that is clearly fake. Now, let's talk about the birth certificate. In 1961, birth certificates were typed, not printed on a laser printer. It is not signed. The border is completely wrong. It is not certified nor stamped. It has his Father as African when in that day they said Negro! The birth certicate was called a Certificate of Live Birth. His says Certification of Live Birth. The thing was created in June 2007. The form number at the bottom is wrong. It is a forgery. Obama could shut all of us up tomorrow if he can show his actual birth certificate. However, if that original says Kenya, Africa, how would you feel?

His associations are infamous by now. Wright, Phlaeger, Ayers, Dohrn, Rezko, Farrakhan and Davis. These are socialists, communists and America haters through and through! His judgment for hanging around the most vile characters are at best lacking in soundness. He sat under Wright for 20 years and never knew he was a racist hater? Is he deaf, stupid or a liar? I say the latter!

He will not release any of his school papers from his applications to his papers and grades. Why is that? He went to Columbia and Harvard and was even the President of the Harvard law Review. Yet, he did not write one article for that paper! He received a recommendation from a Muslim that helped him get into Harvard. His years at Columbia are a total mystery.

There are many many more reasons why you should not vote for this guy. He is dangerous for our country. We need to get out and vote for McCain/Palin and bring our country back to solvency and common sense!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Diet Craze

Hello again:

Have you ever dieted? Do you know anyone who has? If you are over 5 years old, odds are you do know someone who has tried some fad diet. What happens? Someone hears about a diet that can work miracles and you can eat as much as you care to, not exercise and still lose 10 pounds a week! Sound to good to be true? IT IS! Stop believing this nonsense. You see, the old adage, if it sounds to good to be true, it is! works here.

Someone you know or maybe you have fallen for this scam. Here is what happens. The person starts the diet and follows through and loses some weight. For arguments sake, let's say they lose 30 pounds during the course of the diet. Pretty impressive! But then what occurs? They stop and gain back 40, 50 or more pounds! The end is worse than the beginning.

Eventually, they hear of another 'MIRACLE" diet and they fall for it. Guess what happens? If you said the same thing or worse, I want you to take your right hand and stretch it out. Turn your palm up to the sky. Bend your elbow and pat your self on the back as you just moved to the front of the common sense classroom! You are my star pupil.

How does one lose weight for real and keep it off? Repeat after me, Life changing habits! Does that sound simple? It does! However, it is tougher than it sounds. Here is the secret to losing weight and keeping it off. Eat less and exercise more until you die! There it is. You MUST change your habits. Instead of eating a half pound slice of cake, take 1/16th of a pound! The secret is, do not cut out the things you love! If you do that, you torture yourself and are guaranteed to fall off the diet and balloon up. Simply eat as you always have, but in smaller portions and exercise by walking, riding a bike or whatever you can do. Start slow and build up. It will take years to lose the weight, but you will. Look at your fat self today and ask, have I always looked like this? NO! You took years to get that fat. Why do you think it takes far less to take it off? Stop being stupid and stop being a fool for these ripoff diet plans and change your life and you will be smart and skinny and more importantly, you will have common sense and wisdom that you can spread around.

If you enjoy this blog/podcast then tell everyone you know about it. If you don't like it, tell them to listen anyway and see if they like it! Not everyone is as hateful as you are! ;-> Take care and remember to stop dieting today!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Psychology of the simple!

Have you kept up with the stock market? Have you seen these multi hundred points drops? Have you ever wondered why this occurs? There are numerous reasons of course, but at the pit of it you will find the psychology of the simple!

What do I mean by that? It's quite simple really. One person in the market reports that everything is bad and chicken little takes over and the sky falls! On the opposite side, when things are actually bad, some says the good times have returned and all the chicken littles agree and the market rises, jobs open up and everything flourishes. Why is this so?

Mainly because people are stupid! You see, the market does not move on reason, but fear! One large investor sells and all the lemmings line up and jump off the cliff in succession. Why do they sell? Because John Doe sold. Each one watches the other and when one jumps, all jump! When one large player jumps on the bandwagon and buys, the bandwagon fills up fast and the sky is the limit.

Don't get me wrong. The business cycle is alive and well regardless of Clinton lying to us in the 90's. However, the market moves on fear and hope. These are emotions and do not come from reason. Why is the stock market down so much? FEAR! What is the basis of the fear? Emotional gut reaction is all. You see, no reason there. Our economy is built on emotion and is like a child with out of control emotions. We need to spank this market very hard to straighten it up and make it act right. May I have the first whack? Thank you and pass the paddle.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

What goes around, comes around

Have you ever asked yourself when something bad happens, how did this happen? I'm certain you have as all of us do that very thing. Have you ever taken any logic training? If so, you know that if you start with A then you next have B and then C, you can logically deduce that D will come next. Sounds easy, right? Let's take a look at a few real life examples.

Suppose you know someone who smokes from an early age onward and they get emphesema. Are you shocked? Should that person be shocked? What about the drunkard? He drinks his entire life and dies from liver issues. Is that such a mystery that no one could see it coming? What about the over eater who dies from obesity? The over achiever who dies from heart issues?

I am certain you will agree with me and say no is shocked. However, many are shocked or act shocked when things like this happen everyday! It is plain to see and yet in emotional times, many of us neglect this little rule of nature and science. What is that rule?

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is Newton's third law. In other words, you think you can get by, but you can't. If you hold a loaded gun to your head and pull the trigger, why are you shocked when you are shot in the head?

I know you are probably laughing at this due to its simplicity, yet it is 100% true. It is this simple. There are harder cases I know, but the truth of it is, most people get what they do to themselves. Let's stop being silly and no longer be shocked.

Let's look at a different case to prove this. OJ Simpson got away with cold blooded double murder 13 years ago. This weekend he was convicted on charges over some junk he took back from those he claim stole it. However, holding a gun and people against their will is against the law. OJ got away then, but let's not be shocked that he finally received justice in this life and I believe in the one to come.

One other case. Barack Obama. If this guy gets elected and you are shocked that our country will slide into socialism and the economy will go into deep recession, then you are as foolish as those I spoke concerning above. If you put a socialist with Marxist leanings in the White House who hates America and he attempts to destroy her, why would you be shocked?

This election is serious and everyone should love their country and vote accordingly. It will be terrible if Obama garners even a single vote. If you hate your country that much, please stand up and I will raise the funds to see you get what you deserve. A nice stay in Cuba or Iran or Russia perhaps! I will make certain you get someplace where you will not spew your vile without having your tongue cut out at the least. You will then love America, but for you, it will be too late.

I give you fair warning now. If you vote for this terrorist loving, socialistic, marxist leaning America hater, do not be surprised when you and your family are destroyed by those same like minded haters. I ask you to consider this, spread the word, get out and do what you can for your country. The last great Democratic President this country had said "Ask not what your country can do for you. rather, ask what you can do for your country" In that same speech, he said: "Let every nation know, whether it wishes us well or ill, that we shall pay any price, bear any burden, meet any hardship, support any friend, oppose any foe to assure the survival and the success of liberty."

Does that sound like any democrat you know today save Joe Lieberman and Zell Miller? I dare say you cannot say yes. Let's band together, let's vote for our country and not against her. Let's not wake up on 11/5/08 and say we do not understand how we have a Pres. Obama! God Forbid! Vote for change. Vote for real American change. Vote for those who will reform this Government. Those who will cut spending. Those who believe in and love America! Not these haters known as the Obama's. Not the Democrats. Not the Socialists. Not the Marxist. For all that is in me, I beg you to vote Republican and give Lady Liberty a chance to keep us free!

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Living past your means – buying too much house

Hello my good readers and listeners:

If you would like to hear the podcast, please vitit

Here is another blog/podcast for you. It concerns living past your means and specifically, buying too much house. If you have kept up at all lately with the current events of our country, you know there is an issue with the current credit industry brought on by unscrupulous lenders and borrowers.

Let's lay out the issue first. The US Government led by Jimmy Carter in 1977 passed a law called the CRA which allowed those who could not afford a house to get one anyway. In 1995, our illustrious Billy Bob Clinton made it a law to force lending institutions to lend money to those who could not pay it back. These were mainly minorities. He then forced Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to buy these mortgages from these banks. Since the loans would not be paid back, the effect would snowball until today.

Since 2002, Republicans have been warning about this coming economic collapse because of these rules and bad paper being foisted on an unsuspecting public. Now we are being forced to pay for the thievery of the Government, the lenders and the borrowers.

These are the crooks in this. First, the Government is guilty because they passed these laws and forced these institutions to commit this fraud. The lending institutions are guilty because they created all kinds of fancy loan packages to make consumers overbuy what they already could not afford. Let me give you an example. The lender would look at the buyer and tell them they could afford $150,000.00 house on their salary. However, because they could give them an ARM loan and an interest only payment for 1 or 2 or maybe 5 years, they could afford a $300,000.00 house! The third guilty party is that consumer because of his or her greed. Knowing up front they can only afford the lesser house, they opt for the non affordable one to impress everyone. Vanity, though art a jewel! Therefore, we have 3 guilty parties in this scenario.

Those of us who bought and live reasonably are now expected, nay, commanded to pay for the thievery of these greedy crooks! Tonight, the Senate passed by a 74 to 25 margin this bailout bill. The CEO's of these companies have collectively stolen 100's of millions of dollars and we are expected to pay it back! What a crock!

Also, in the first bill that was defeated in the house, it said there were taxpayer safeguards built in although the taxpayer would wind up paying. You see, the Government would buy the bad paper and wait for it to go up, sell it at a profit and the taxpayer would benefit. However, houses age and become decrepit rapidly if no lives in them.

Vandalism occurs, crime rates skyrocket, neighborhoods go to a hot place in a hand basket and these bad loans become even more worthless, but wait, the taxpayer won't have to pay! Why, it is FDIC insured! Yea, the taxpayer is saved! Wait! Who funds FDIC? The Government! Who funds the Government? The taxpayers! Wait, the taxpayers pay after all!

George Bush whom I love has let us down on this one. We are being duped. Do not fall for this charade. You say you are not interested in politics? This WILL affect you if you contribute to this society. Therefore, your pocketbook will get skinny and the fat cats get fatter! Time to get interested!

One other issue I think we should look at. Obama! Why will he not release his school records? Medical records? Harvard thesis? State Senate record? Al Gore had to do it. George Bush had to as well. John Kerry also was forced to do it, but Obama gets a pass! What is he hiding in all those records? Maybe he isn't all that bright after all? Could be he cheated a lot of better students because he got in due to affirmative action? Could be he met a certain terrorist named Ayers years before he said he did.

I would ask you to look into this and start talking to your friends and family about it. We need to stop this Socialist with Marxist tendencies from destroying our beloved country. We have 34 days until the election. It is high time we get involved and make sure America is safe from tyranny. make no mistake, Obama is no friend of the USA.

I would really love to hear from you and hope you choose to leave feedback today! It is vitally important that we talk about this. Until next time, keep reading, listening and writing!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Podcast is posted

Hey everyone:

I have posted my first podcast for common sense at It has a player so you can hear it or download it at your leisure. Please listen to it and feed me back. Thanks.